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is an award-winning, internationally recognized investment expert, commodities trader, wealth and money manager. As a blogger and investing strategist, she is routinely reviewed and featured as an expert on trading, investing and wealth management on outlets such as Business News Daily, The Wall Street Journal, FOX, and numerous other publications.

Reina partners with Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, where she works to promote gender equity and women empowerment

Managed Accounts
Account types Individual, Corporate
Min. Investments $10K to $500K
Portfolio Size $50K to 5M
Risk level Customized


  • Award-winning trader
  • Custamized strategy and portfolio
  • Effective assets allocation
  • Low risk investments
  • Full control over your funds
  • Control all trades real time

What Is s Managed Accounts?

A managed account is a portfolio of stocks or bonds – or a combination of the two – that is owned by a single manager. The investor hires a professional investment manager to oversee the account’s operations to achieve specific objectives, such as long-term growth or current income. It is a way for an institutional investor or individual investor to benefit from a private investment manager’s professional expertise.

allocation, a high ROI, and extensive customization options. Although my service is fee-based, a managed account soon pays for itself with high-yield returns.


Management of a personal account involves three key players – the client, the financial advisor, and the investment manager. Each of the players enters a partnership with different goals but works together to please the principal owner of the account. What sets the financial advisor and the investment managers apart is their individual perspectives.

While the manager concentrates on monitoring and adjusting the managed account’s investment options, the financial advisor focuses on all aspects of the investor’s financial situation. Clients invest in managed accounts to meet specific financial goals. The account may contain cash, titles to property, or financial assets.

Provided that the professional investment manager conducts the transactions according to the client’s objectives, he does not need the principal client’s prior consent to sell and purchase assets. It is mainly driven by the idea that the money manager owes the principal client a fiduciary duty and must act with utmost loyalty and good faith, or potentially face criminal or civil penalties for breach of contract and lose the right to compensation. The investment manager will typically disclose all material facts concerning the account’s holdings and performance.

If You’re Looking for High-Return Investments, I’m Your Trader

I’m an award-winning professional money manager with more than ten years of experience in the industry. In 2019, I was named a “Leading Innovator in Wealth Management” and “Most Outstanding Woman in Finance” for gaining high annual returns for my clients.

I accomplished all of the above while providing my clients full control over their assets. My portfolio management expertise has also been hailed by the Women Economic Forum (WEF). Specifically, my skills originate from Nobel Prize-winning academic research that explains how markets work and how to achieve guaranteed tangible results when investing.

As a trade professional who works with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds, I understand what it takes to succeed. I tell my clients that my brand of trading is for everyone and that they, too, can have thriving financial lives. Intrinsically, I have made it my life’s mission to empower others to take charge of their own finances.

Using my advanced trading strategies, I focus not only on your financial health but also your well-being. The road to financial independence involves a holistic approach that takes into account all of your goals. As a fully regulated and entrusted broker, I can help you achieve your goals on your terms, not someone else’s.


What You’ll Get With My Brand of Financial Advisor Services

You pay only for results

That means I charge no management fees. My compensation is based on a profit-share model. If you don’t succeed, I don’t either. So, you can be sure that I’ll treat your account like my own.

Customized risk management

By keeping a close watch on the shifting market, I ensure that your investments are protected.

Customized portfolios

I build a customized portfolio based on your personal goals, risk tolerance, and expectations.

Full control over funds

You’re the boss. I believe transparency is key and you have the final word on any decision.

High returns

Using a balance of investments and trading instruments, my proven technique will maximize your returns.

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